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About Me!

My name of Diego Alexander Chacón González, I live in Bogotá - Colombia, I am an application developer, web, mobile and I am an expert in software testing and automation.

The development of software for me is the way to create something from nothing to supply a need, one of my favorite pastimes has been video games and thanks to this the passion for logic and problem solving is born.

I have 9 years of experience studying, learning and working in the area of ​​Software Development Engineering, from the beginning I was lucky to be surrounded in this field.

Starting as an application documentation, through software testing, mobile application development, web applications, application automation and robotic process automation I have always been able to learn more and more about this beautiful art.

I like to know that the work done is always with a professional approach, efficient and meet the purpose for which it was carried out.

In this profession you must be an integral Engineer, you must know what the client wants, also the best way to develop your product and with the best quality.

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My Services


Working with all the acceptance parameters of a software package.


(Robotic Process Automation)

Emulate and integrate the actions of a human interaction in digital systems to execute a commercial process.

Web development

Construction and maintenance of websites for a better appearance and good performance focused on the user.

Android development

Mobile applications focused on users or companies with quick response and visually pleasing for continuous work.



  • RPA

    UiPath - RPA Developer Advance


    International certification in Scrum Master


    ISTQB® Certified Tester

  • UNAD

    Systems Engineer



    (Swedish company)
    QA Leader - 2018


    QA analyst Sr - 2014

  • Interline

    Mobile developer - 2014

  • Q-Visión

    QA analyst Sr - 2013


    Web and mobile developer - 2012


    QA analyst Jr - 2010

My Skills

Selenium 80%

JMeter 75%

UiPath 80%

TFS 90%

Laravel 70%

Web Design 70%

Development 70%

Agile methodology 85%

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Do you have any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

  • Bogotá, Av Cr 86 #88-81, Colombia

  • + 51 310 4 8230 98